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Logistics & Transport

"Sommerbergbahn" Funicular Railway, Bad Wildbad



Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad GmbH & Co. KG „Eigenbetrieb Sommerbergbahn“



Bad Wildbad, Germany

Project costs


approx. € 7 million net

Project duration


August 2010 – Oktober 2011

The "Sommerbergbahn" is a funicular railway in the Northern Black Forest that was opened in 1908. It bridges a difference in altitude of around 300 metres and is approximately 760 metres long.

In autumn 2010 the Stadt Wildbad (Municipal Authorities of the City of Wildbad) decided to replace the railway after notification from the subsidy provider.

Additional value

  • Adhered to the very tight schedule for planning, approval and execution

Individual services

  • Project control
  • Contract award management