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Residential Buildings

"Uferkrone Köpenick", BUWOG Berlin



BUWOG - Meermann GmbH



Berlin, Germany



Staehr Architekten, Kny & Weber Architekten

Project duration


08/2012 - 12/2015

Gross floor space: Stage 1


approx. 12.500 m²

GFA 1. Stage


20.500 m²

Residential units



Apartments of average and higher quality with a total area of approx. 34,704 m2 (the first phase of construction involves 22,500 m2) are to be built on the site in Lindenstrasse on the bank of the River Spree. The aim is to create a unique urban and architectural setting that extends beyond the riverside location. The residences are to offer an intimate atmosphere of balanced variety without slipping into big-city anonymity.

Additional value

  • Certainty with regard to cost, quality levels and scheduling
  • Reduction of principal’s administrative workload

Individual services

  • Architectural competition
  • Project organization
  • Quality management
  • Cost management
  • Schedule management
  • Contract management
  • PCS project communication, data management
  • CostMonitor for cost control
  • Energy consulting/system design
  • Value engineering (facade, building physics, building services equipment)